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I haven’t always been a runner. Growing up, other, more mainstream sports were much more appealing, and my university years were spent lifting heavy things off a gym floor with little regard for fitness. Running was a baffling activity reserved for elite athletes and strange people; who on earth could find it fun?


Fast-forward several years and I’ve found an answer to that question: everyone. Speaking as someone who, a few years ago, struggled to run for more than five minutes, two marathons, an ultra, a 24-hour track race and numerous 5 and 10Ks later have gradually taught me that we can all run. We might not all be able to run as fast or as far, but we can all put a pair of trainers on and experience, with childlike excitement, the joy of moving at pace.


The beauty of running is that all our motivations are different. You can set yourself a goal and spend years trying to achieve it or you can smash your target first time and move on to the next, tougher challenge – whether it’s two laps of the block rather than one, beating your fastest 10K time or just getting the better of your mates. Thousands of men see running the same way without falling into the category of ‘running nerd’. We don’t all define ourselves as runners, but we are all (presumably, since you’re reading this) blokes who love to run.


That’s where Men’s Running comes in. We’re here to help you on a number of fronts in a style you won’t find in any other running title. Our content is designed, first and foremost, to improve your running experience – written in a witty yet informative style that entertains as much as it genuinely benefits your running.
Isaac Williams








“Wow… you guys did a stellar job. I am very impressed with the quality and content of your new publication. I mean it, congratulations on a job well done!”

“It made me think. I’d been running for a couple of years, had done one proper race and the bug was biting, but I had never defined myself as ‘a runner’. I owned one pair of trainers, I ran in my rugby socks, I’d bought two running vests for a tenner from a market stall. I was a bloke who ran and enjoyed it. I wasn’t ‘a runner.”

Dean Karnazes


“As someone who likes a beer, loves to run and enjoys a social life, I am now also pleased to find a running magazine that I can relate to.”

Jeremy Sandford


“Thanks to your new mag I’ve been inspired to get back out running again. I wasn’t a big runner before, just out to keep fit and lose the beer belly. But after reading your magazine it made me realise how much fun it is and how much better I feel in myself when I’m running. I hope others enjoy your publication as much as I did. Thanks for getting me back out on the road!”

Ian Montague


“I get the feeling you actually write and care about every page in each edition. You don’t just copy and paste articles from other sources, but write original and funny pieces yourselves. Good work.”